How To Be Natural In Your Relationship

r2As much as you want to let things unfold in your own pace, there are things in relationships that you just have to progress naturally. When you let things happen at your own pace, it may not be the best way to do it. Pushing someone on something that they are not yet ready can be counterproductive. If you sense that the person that you are going out with is not ready for any form of commitment, there’s no way that you should push things and instead, just let things to unfold naturally even if it means waiting for a long time.

When you allow things to unfold naturally, you are actually giving the other person enough time to think about the relationship and whether they are also want to move forward with the idea of you being together. With this also, you are actually giving them enough time to think about the situation and also ample time to decide whether he or she is seeing the two of you in an exclusive relationship.

Learn To Listen

Listening doesn’t have to be that hard. It is actually enough that you spend enough time just being there for the person letting him or her feel that you are there ready to hear what she has to say. However, effective or emphatic listening does not end with the gesture that you are there listening to all her problems or to the things that are bothering them. Instead, the willingness and the reassurance that you are willing to understand them should be evident.l7

Now that you’re in a situation where another person is sharing his or her views about things in life, your concern now is to make it a point that you go beyond the usual definition of listening. One way that you can do to make the other person feel that you’re really listening to him attentively is to ask questions if you need to. That way, the person would know that you really are interested on his or her story through your clarificatory questions.

Past Is Past

Another common reasons of issues in relationships is the tendency of people to bring up what’s now part of the past. Bringing up what is now part of the distant past is no way beneficial to the relationship. In fact, it can cause a lot of problems and havoc to the relationship and can ruin the present in so many ways. You cannot avoid the possibility that the present person in your life will feel insecure or bitter upon hearing the stories you are sharing.


If you want to avoid such kind of situation, which by the way can be emotionally taxing, you should be very mindful and extra sensitive before even entering into a totally new relationship. That way, you can allow yourself to move on and accept things that are already belong to the past and welcome new things that are about to unfold in your new found love. We never know that it will surpass the level of satisfaction that you have felt from your past relationship.